Sadangu Catering

Sri Lankan and South Indian’s Sadangu Catering

We’re proud of our Sri Lankan and South Indian heritage and our team are always excited at the prospect of catering for sadangu in London and beyond. 

We understand these celebratory sacraments and rituals, and the importance of the customs and traditions which define one’s cultural identity as a South Indian and Sri Lankan. The Ruby’s Events Catering team will be on hand to help you tailor the perfect menu choice and catering set up for your special occasion.

We cover all types of Sandangu, including:

Pallu Kozhukattai - First Teething Ceremony

Ghnanasthanam - Baptism

Thodakku Kazhivu Sadangu - The Naming Ceremony

Vazha Kaapu Sadangu-Baby Shower

Samathiya Sadangu - Coming of Age Ceremony

Annadhanam - Alms Giving

Antyeshti /Thevasam Sadangu - Memorial Service

Marana Sadangu - Wake Luncheon

Upanayanam - Brahmin Rites of Passage

Our vast menu full of mouth-watering vegetarian, vegan and meat options are made to authentic Sri Lankan and South Indian heritage recipes which combine a vibrant blend of spices and traditional cooking methods.

Get in touch with our friendly and professional team today to discuss making your dream Sandangu catering a reality.