Pure Vegetarian and Vegan Menu

Are you looking to embrace a vegetarian menu for your event? Pure Vegetarianism is observed as dietary requirements by all Hindus & Buddhist at wedding ceremonial lunch.

The Sri Lankan diet is among the most veggie and vegan friendly in the world, so it’s no surprise that our menu is full of delicious and inspiring meat-free dishes. We are committed to creating authentic heritage flavours throughout our meals, and our unique blending of flavours and spices brings our pure vegetarian and vegan options to life.

With nearly 25 years of experience, our team of experts are on hand to ensure that your menu is perfect for your event. 

Palaharam Wedding Favours 

Palaharam translates to “array of sweetmeat”. It is customary in Sri Lanka and southern India to provide palaharam for the guest as a gesture of gratitude on their arrival or when they depart a function or ceremony. It’s either given in an organza bag or in a decorative box.

Rava Laddu
Sweet Murukku
Payatham Urindai

Sri Lankan

Mysoor Pak
Seeni Athirasam
Boondi Laddu

South Indian